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Supplement Trade Fairs and Exhibitions in HN

more than 2,000 trade fairs

on participation in trade fairs and exhibitions!

through a special section
of an economic daily newspaper

An advertisement in the special section of Hospodářské noviny (Economic News daily) titled VELETRHY A VÝSTAVY V ROCE 2014 (TRADE FAIRS AND EXHIBITIONS IN 2014) gives you the possibility to address 197.000 readers per issue, included 89 000 decision-makers* in the Czech Republic. The special section is the only comprehensive overview of the most important exhibitions and trade fairs in the Czech Republic and around the world, with which thousands of firms work continuously throughout the year.

Special section
published on 26 November 2013

  • The only comprehensive overview of the most important exhibitions and trade fairs.
  • A catalogue of more than 1,000 trade fairs in the Czech Republic and abroad arranged by sector, alphabetically and by date with contacts to the organisers.
  • Hospodářské noviny increases its circulation on the date of publication.
  • HN readers work with the special section throughout the year.
  • Online version on www.veletrhyavystavy.cz


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A daily with a focus on the economy and politics in a broad context

Readers of Hospodářské noviny include university graduates holding middle and top management positions, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Readers of the daily enjoy above-average and the highest standard of living, and report above-average family incomes.

Hospodářské noviny (Economic News daily) is one of the first privatised daily newspapers established after 1989. From Monday to Friday, it brings up-to-date news with strong, comprehensive analyses and commentaries. Of all daily Czech newspapers, Hospodářské noviny (Economic News daily) allocates the most printing space to information about Czech world economic news.

The economic section of the paper comprises corporate economics, personal finance, and business enterprise. In terms of advertising sales, Economic News ranks among the top four national dailies with the largest advertising income.

Hospodářské noviny has two sections. The first features news from home and abroad, opinions and commentaries. Included in this section is also a culture column, an entertainment information and sports. The other section, called Companies and Markets, focuses on Czech and world economic news, presents analyses and commentaries on the most important events from the world of business, and covers the financial and commodity markets and services for entrepreneurs.

Every Wednesday, HN issues an insert – a colour magazine IN, with information on traveling, cuisine, and hints on how to spend free time. The insert also includes TV and radio guides for the next seven days.

Each Friday, a supplement Vikend (Weekend) is issued. It is a full-colour magazine featuring articles on current social and cultural events as well as interviews with prominent local and foreign figures.

On the second Tuesday of each month, Boutique magazine is published. The magazine presents the latest shopping trends, overviews a broad range of goods and services, and offers recommendations for consumers.

Ten times a year, a supplement Proč ne?! (Why not?!) is added to Hospodářské noviny (Economic News daily). Proč ne?! presents luxury goods and unveils the lifestyle of high society.

In addition to editorial supplements, Hospodářské noviny (Economic News daily) features special issues, such as ICT Review, Career Special, Exporter, Power Technology, insurance and financial specials. A special supplement – Fais and Exhibition – is published in November every year, since 1990.


Readers of Hospodářské noviny [PDF]
(sources: European Business Press, ABC ČR, LAE-ČR, Mediaprojekt 2012)



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